Stop the chaos in your tote bag with this versatile organiser

If you’re one of the lucky ladies who’s discovered a tote bag, you’d know how fantastic they are. They’re the ultimate mum bag.

Some ladies use totes as their everyday bag. Others claim they’re the best beach bag they’ve ever had. And others use a tote bag as their ‘mum bag’, replacing the traditional nappy bag with a more stylish looking, versatile bag.

But if you’re a tote bag owner, you’ll relate to the chaos that can ensue inside your bag. With so many items piled into your tote, it’s so easy to lose things. And standing in a shop pulling everything out just to find your purse isn’t exactly ideal hey?!

That’s where the tote bag organiser comes into play

The tote bag organiser fits perfectly inside our Hedzup Neoprene tote bags, and helps you regain order.

No more embarrassing moments of emptying out your bag, with essential items found quickly and easily. The organiser eliminates that dreaded tote bag clutter and makes our tote bags even more versatile.

It’s the perfect product for mum’s using their neoprene tote bag as a nappy bag.

And because it’s removable, you can easily lift it out and pop it into another bag whenever you like.

The best parts about the tote bag organiser

  • It’s made from waterproof nylon and mesh so you can simply pop it in the washing machine if you need to clean it
  • It has 3 large internal compartments (2 with zips), perfect for carrying electronic devices
  • It has 10 external pockets, 6 of them being mesh so you can easily see what’s inside each pocket without removing the organiser
  • It’s portable and compact so you can easily change handbags in seconds
  • It’s a great size – 35cm (W) x 22cm (H) x 16cm (D)
  • It’s black, so it blends in with any handbag

The ultimate tote bag organiser

This is the must-have addition to any tote bag for anyone needing to regain order. And no matter how you choose to use your tote bag, we know you’ll love the organisation this product brings.

To purchase your tote bag organiser, click here

They only cost $35 and we offer 4 payments via Afterpay or buy now, pay later with zipPay. The choice is yours!