Is it *just me* or are tote bags the big *in-thing* fashion accessory right now??? I am seeing them everywhere! These cute as Neoprene Tote bags are machine washable and hardy, and the best thing is you can use them anytime and anywhere – going to the gym, going to the beach, a day out with the kids, and even to carry everything to work – including your laptop!

From day one I was a fan! These bags are super lightweight – after all you don’t want to start out with an empty bag that already weighs a tone! They don’t come in a HUGE range of colours (YET! They have a stunning new colourful range on the way), but they do come with a handy little pouch, that you can use on its own, or use it with the bag. It doesn’t matter where you take your bag as they are fully washable, so dirt and dust from the park, sweaty gym shoes, or a slight baby accident – just throw it in the washing machine and it’s like new again!

It doesn’t matter if you are career girl, or a busy mum these tote bags, are made from neoprene (wet suit material), which makes them extremely soft and durable and most of all – fashionable. I love my bag, I can take it to work, take it on days out, take it shopping, these bags are just so incredibly handy!

Oh, and you can WASH them!!!!!