I have become such a huge fan of my Hedzup Neoprene Tote bag. The size and shape is just so practical, being made from neoprene they are quite sturdy, without being all stiff – you know you get those bags you have to be a body builder to get into because they are made from a material that just doesn’t want to seem to move, and when you walk they are like a block of wood banging against you….. The size of these totes is perfect! And being a neutral colour, you can take them anywhere and use them for anything, my friend uses one as a nappy bag, I like being able to carry everything I need for work all safely inside. I can take it shopping with me – you can use it for anything really – from a laptop bag to an overnight bag, this tote can carry anything – and everything you need (with exception of the kitchen sink).

Available in Black, Dark Grey and White they look great with any outfit, from your gym wear to office wear. They are the perfect bag, I love mine!