It’s versatile, long-lasting and super trendy

Tote bags have become the ultimate fashion accessory for busy Australian women. Seen slung over the shoulders of many famous celebs, tote bags are the new must-have.

But here’s the great news for mums and busy ladies. You no longer need to carry a handbag and pack a separate bag for your activities – beach bags, gym bags, nappy bags…Our 4 in 1 neoprene tote bag is the best mum bag you’ll ever find. Full of compartments, you’ll never lose things in the bottom of your bag ever again. Everything will have its place – from your purse, your makeup, your perfumes, through to all the toys you need to lug around.

Our 4 in 1 neoprene tote bag will cover you in all situations

1. Women who work out
When you’re heading to the gym, you don’t want too many bags. You’ll need a change of clothes (if you’re heading out afterwards), a sweat towel, your runners and a drink bottle. You can easily fit all this, along with your purse, car keys, deo, hairbrush and your phone. And the beauty is, you can stick the bag in the machine to give it a clean if it gets a bit smelly from your sweaty clothes and shoes.

2. Fashionable mums with bubs
If you’ve got a little one, you’ll know it’s a bit like a travelling circus. You’ve got to make sure you’re loaded with nappies, changes of clothes, wipes, change mats, bottles, food and toys. You can use our neoprene tote bags as your everyday bag combined with your nappy bag. You’ll be the most modern and stylish looking mum on the block. And, if you accidentally have a bottle spill, or god forbid must store a smelly nappy, you can pop the bag in the wash to make it fresh again.

3. Fun in the sun and surf
Visiting the beach with your family is so much fun. You’ll need towels, sunscreen, changes of clothes, thongs, hats, sunglasses, food, drinks, toys, books and if you’ve got little ones, remember your swimmer nappies. With our neoprene bags being water resistant, you’ll never have to do that panic when the tide suddenly sweeps in on you. Sand will also brush straight off, or you can pop it in the wash with your towels and bathers when you get home.

4. Your everyday bag
If you’re looking for a stylish bag that you can use every day, you’ll love our versatile neoprene tote bags. Our bags are 100% vegan, are lightweight, machine washable and water resistant. For days when you’re out and about by yourself (without the need for lugging all those extras), our tote bags have magnetic press studs on the side to reduce the size of your bag.

And for those who want a little bit extra

Your neoprene tote bag also comes with a detachable purse which is perfect for keys, makeup and your valuables. For all those little things that you usually lose in the bottom of your bag, pop them in here. If you’re popping down to the shops, you can grab this detachable purse and leave the rest of your bag at home.

All our tote bags also come with a protective dust bag – although you won’t use this unless you’ve got more than one bag and needed to store it!

And with 10 stylish colours, you’ll be tempted to have more than one. Have one for the gym, one for a nappy bag, one for your everyday bag and so on.

Check out our tote bags

You can order your neoprene tote bags online at any time. Starting from $79, grab one for yourself and one for your best mate. Or leave the webpage open and drop hints that you need a new bag, so someone else buys it for you!